Larks Ascending – The Framlingham War Memorial

Larks Ascending

A history of the men of Framlingham whose names appear on The War Memorial 1914 – 1918

John Haygarth

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The Historical Society are privileged to host ‘Larks Ascending’, which is the culmination of the research by John Haygarth on the men who died in The Great War, and whose names are inscribed on our War Memorial.

John died in 2007 soon after finishing his first draft. We are very much indebted to Evelyn Empson, with the encouragement of John’s sons Alexander and Edward, for her dedicated work in taking that draft through to the version we see here.

The aim of the research undertaken was to discover the battalions in which the men served, where and when they met their deaths, and where they lie buried or are commemorated on foreign soil.

It was also hoped to uncover further details of their families, their place of work and if possible some photographs or other memorabilia.

The following pages show how successful this search has been. In some cases the facts are few, yet in others, families have been generous in their support, supplying the precious photograph of a grandfather or great uncle proudly showing off his uniform.

John’s untimely death occurred before his research was complete. Evelyn is carrying on that work, investigating further names, some of which do not appear on the Memorial.

Simon Last has also been very active in making sure we do not forget the sacrifices that were made in conflicts from the First World War until recent times. He has published two books which are available at £5 each, which includes a contribution to The Royal British Legion. They are available in local bookshops or by contacting Simon on 01702 826 469, or at